Top 10- Future Jobs

Tuesday at school was carer day. So here are my top ten future jobs.
10. A Doctor
9. A Lawyer
Lawyer Michael Bourbeau
8. An Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis:  Best Actor
7. Boston Celtic Head Coach
Doc Rivers
6. Boston Celtic Player
5. Any Job For ESPN That Involves Baseball
Karl Ravech, John Kruk, and Steve Phillips on Baseball Tonight.
4. Theo Epstein’s Job
What is the Genius plotting? It may be a while before we find out.
3. Jerry Remy’s Job
2. Terry Francona’s Job
1. The Successor To Jonathan Papelbon
Jonathan Papelbon- The Closer
All right here is the easiest trivia EVER. What two primary MLB logos do not have any letters on it. For example the Mets logo has a “N” and a “Y”

Top 10- Upsets Of The Past Three Years

10. The Dallas Mavericks beat the San Antonio Spurs In The First Round- 2009
This series was thought to send the Spurs to the second round of the playoffs easily in four games. The Mavericks though went to the second round in five games. 
9. The Ducks Kick The Sharks Out In the First Round.
The San Jose Sharks had the best record in the NHL this year. Everyone thought that it would be a Sharks vs. Bruins final. Well that will not happen this year.
8. The Colorado Rockies Win The N.L. Pennant. 
Who wold have thought that the Rockies would win the National League. No one did till they won 22 of their last 23 games. However they got swept in the World Series.
7. The Arizona Cardinals Go To The Super Bowl
Who would have thought that the nine and seven Cardinals would go to the Super Bowl. In the process beating the Falcons, Panthers, and Eagles. Well I didn’t.
6. The Michigan State Spartans Go To The Finals In The 2009 March Madness Finals.
The Spartans were ranked second in their part of the bracket but many favored the Kansas Jayhawks to beat them. However the Spartans went on to beat Robert Morris University, USC, Kansas, Louisville, and Connecticut before losing to North Carolina in the championship.
5. Trevor Immelman Wins The 2008 Masters
Who would have thought that a guy who had only had one other PGA win would go on to beat Tiger Woods by three strokes. No one did except for maybe him.
4. Zack Johnson Wins The 2007 Masters

Everyone thought that this was Tiger Wood’s win. However Zack Johnson beat out Tiger by two strokes. Like Immelman he had only won one other event before the Masters.
3. The Tampa Bay Rays Go From Worst To Second.
This may have been the most shocking upset ever. The Rays went from having the worst record in baseball to going to the World Series. Everyone thought that the Rays would collapse in September but they ended up beating the White Sox and the Red Sox before losing to the Phillies in the World Series.
2. The New York Giants Beat The New England Patriots In The Super Bowl.
The Patriots were nearly the NFL’s first team with out losing. But the one loss that they had came in the most important time as David Tyre and Eli Manning beat the Patriots when everything mattered.
1. Mine That Bird Wins The 2009 Kentucky Derby

I have never been a fan of horse racing but I am glad I watched this race. Mine That Bird had 51-1 odds of winning the derby and it did. It was in last for most of the race but ended up in first. The owner of the horse drove from New Mexico to Kentucky in his car with a broken foot just to see his horse race. He is glad he did for sure.
What upset did I leave out? Who ever comes up with the best upset will win the trivia.
~By Bob

Top 10- Throwbacks That Need to Be Back/I’m Glad Are Back

Minnesota Twins- Script Twins Logo (In Use)– I immediately associate this logo with Rod Carew, Killer and the 60’s Twins that made it the World Series in ’65 and the Twins that lost to the Orioles several times in the ALCS.

Toronto Blue Jays- Capital Letters Spelling Blue Jays on Light Blue Background (In Use) going back to their 90’s heydays with Joe Carter. Also, it’s simpler then their current logo thats all 3-D.

Kansas City Royals- Script Logo Royals with Light Blue Background (In Use)- another one with Baby Blue that makes you think of the hey days of the club. In this case, the George Brett Days.

Seattle Mariners- Mariners with the M as an upside-down trident (Not in use)– I just really like the way it looks.

Baltimore Orioles- Script Baltimore (In Use) same as Twins, Royals and Jays.

St Louis Cardinals- Cardinals with a bat and two redbirds on the bat (Not In Use) – this is Cardinals on Dizzy Dean, Stan the Man, (sorry Bob) Enos Slaughter, and Pepper Martin. This is the Cardinals’ logo that has been worn by so many legends.

Milwaukee Brewers- Brewers in blue caps letters with a yellow outline (In Use)- In the heydays, the uniforms that Robin Yount and Paul Molitor.

Philadelphia Phillies- A White “P” with a baseball in the center (not In use) – Michael Jack Schmidt!

Houston Astros- Astros in Blue (Not in Use) This went along with this which looks like the color of Space Shuttle. And the coloring looks ugly, however. Now if they were to put that on the unis usuing the current scheme and use this then those unis would be among the best in the Majors! 
astros colr scheme.jpg  

 San Francisco Giants- Script Giants (Not in use) I’m still trying to figure out why I like this!


Also for the Giants and Dodgers, the New York special- they should bust this out for the Mets and only the Mets

For the Giants they wear the following: the interlocking NY and New York on the Road uniforms. (NY Jersey) (NY hat)

For the Dodgers they should wear the B cap and Brooklyn on the road uniforms (hat) (Brooklyn)  

Top 10- Songs Athletes Should Sing On SNL

This is a new series called well, Top 10. Every Sunday a new list will be up.
1- they can be past or present as long as they are not dead.
10- Tim Lincecum. “Some people call me Tiny Tim. Then Roger Clemens gave me something that made me really big. Now I am the king of San Fran!”
9- Jake Peavy. “I wanted to move to Chicago. But the Padres wouldn’t let me.”
8- David Price. “I should be in MLB. But the stupid Rays put me in triple A. So now I want to go to Pittsburgh. Where I’ll be an ace. The Pirates have no future. Until they trade for me.”
7-  Rickey Henderson. “I am awesome. Awesome I really, really am. I am the greatest of all time. I made the hall of fame. And I wanted to go in alone. But that stupid Jim Rice got in with he.”
6- Brett Favre. “I just retired and I am really, really sad. Wait hold on a minute. I think I’ll play another year.”
5- LeBron James. “Someone told me I am overrated. I just punched them in the face. They are now in the hospital oh wait I meant their grave.”
4- C.C. Sabathia. “The Yankees pay me a ton of money. No matter what I do. I could suck all the time. Or I could throw a no-hitter. But I am secretly a Red Sox fan. So hey you know what I’ll do.”
3- Kevin Garnett. “Doc Rivers is a lier. I could play any day. The NBA just wants he to sit. Because hey it just wouldn’t be fair for everyone else if I played.”
2- Dice-K Matsuzaka. ” イチロー母。私はリングしている。秀樹母私はリングしている。母ヤンキース、レッドソックスは私だ。” Translation- I have no idea.
1- Dustin Pedroia. “Some say I am five feet tall. Some say I am six. Some say I am 5.9 Which I don’t get. The truth is I am ten feet tall. I think it is hard to not know. I mean just look at me. I am taller then Big Papi. Taller then Manny. Taller then ‘The Unit’. Taller then KG.”
Runner Up- Matt Wieters. (trying to do a rap.) “What? Ohh ya um I rock. But I can’t beat the Soxs. Because I talk a lot. Yo!”
I am sure that none of these guys would ever sing the songs but hey it could happen.
Whoever finds out what Dice-K’s song is wins the trivia question.

The Field Is Announced!

1. ’27 NYY

2. ’69 O’s

3. 1906 Cubbies

4. ’31 NYY

5. ’39 NYY

6. ’44 STL

7. ’37 NYY

8. ’10 A’s

9. ’01 SEA

10. ’48 Tribe

11. ’98 NYY

12. 1906 Naps

13. 1909 PIT

14. ’43 Cardinals

15. ’53 Bums

16. ’76 Big red Machine


27 NYY vs. 75 Cincy

69 O’s vs. 53 Bums

1906 Cubs vs. 43 Cards

31 NYY vs. 1909 PIT

39 NYY vs. 1906 Naps

44 Cards vs. 98 NYY

37 NYY vs. 48 Tribe

10 A’s vs. 01 M’s

I love the 1-16 series, the Murders’ Row vs. the Big Red Machine!

Also the Gashouse Gang vs. the Yankees of ’90’s!

The Best Uniforms, the Worst and Everything In The Middle



  • Nats (Washington looks OK but the red..)
  • Rangers (the red one again ruins it!)

Both Good and Bad

  • Friars (sand and camo bleh!)
  • Tomahawks (alternates ruin it!)
  • Brew Crew (throwbacks saved them from worst list)
  • Metropolitans (non pinstripes look better and black alternate is bleh. Couldn’t they do a blue one!)
  • Halos (blame the red!)
  • Elephants (same as Braves)

The teams not mentioned I have no feeling for their uniforms